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Dog Boarding – Don’t Let Your Trip Become a Nightmare for Your Dog

Going on a long trip or vacation can be stressful if you have a dog at home. You may be able to leave your pet with friends and family, but that is not usually feasible if you are going to be away for several days. The answer is a quality dog boarding or dog daycare center like Ruffgers. You are then free to focus on your trip instead of worrying about how your loving friend is coping in your absence.

Ruffgers dog facility overview

Ruffgers is not just a dog daycare center. It’s a complete infrastructure with an 18000 sq. feet luxury campus that includes both dog training and dog boarding facilities. Your dog will be well taken care of and will learn something useful during its stay. The Ruffgers Dog University consists of indoor and outdoor play areas and a large 5000 sq. feet dog training area. Your dog will be trained and taken care of by expert trainers and experienced staff.

Dogs hate being restricted and facilities that keep dogs in kennels may not be able to keep your pet happy. At Ruffgers, your dog will feel at home thanks to the comfortable residential area, which is laid out like a home. The staff works round the clock to ensure that the dogs are safe, comfortable and happy. There are three types of accommodation to cater to various types of dogs and requirements.

Accommodation options

1. Residence Hall Den

The residence Hall Den is perfect if your dog prefers to be left alone and is happy to relax in its space most of the time. Your dog gets it own space and you can make it even more comfortable by bringing along its bed, toys and other favorite items. Your pet will get plenty of time to play and relax in the comfort of its own area.

2. Residence Hall Den Suite

If you have a more active dog, then the Residential Hall Den Suite is the best option. There are four types of themed rooms to choose from: Library, Garden, Frat and Quad. The Library and Garden themes are perfect for smaller dogs with limited activity. If you have a very large and active dog, the Frat or Quad will be the better choice. The professional staff at Ruffgers will assist you in choosing the right accommodation. Your dog will get its own private accommodation for eating and sleeping. For playing with the other dogs, there is a common area with couches and plenty of toys.

3. Residence Hall Suite

The suite is the largest space that you can book for your dog at Ruffgers. They are more suitable if your dog is large and needs a lot of space or if you wish to accommodate several dogs in the same area.

Like all good dog boarding facilities, Ruffgers has a free one-hour pre-admission assessment. This ensures that you get the most suitable accommodation for your dog and all dogs using the shared facilities get along well with each other. It also ensures that your dog is at home in your absence. While this is being done, you can sip a coffee in the lobby or you

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