Dog Training Top 10 Best Tips for Advanced Show Dogs

Dog Training Top 10 Best Tips for Advanced Show Dogs

We all love our furry, four-footed friends, but wouldn’t it be awesome if your loved pet also evolved into an advanced show dog capable of performing more than a handful of adorable tricks? This will amuse you, your friends & family and especially, little kids visiting your family.

It is not always easy to make your dogs master the tricks we are going to list below, but with a little patience, effort and determination, you CAN and WILL BE ABLE to do it! Plus, the amount of time you will spend with your dog teaching him these tricks will also help to create a stronger bond between you and him. So, let’s get started!

1.High Five

This one is not too difficult to train. All you need to do is to hold a treat on one of your hands (while placing it at a distance from him so that he cannot reach it directly)and make a high five sign with your other hand at the same time as you command it. Then, when your dog high fives you too, immediately reward him with the treat and heap a lot of praise on him. Repeat this a few times and your dog will learn to do it on command in no time.


This is another common and staple dog training trick and the method you use is somewhat similar to the above. You approach your puppy friend with a treat fisted within your hand. Since he cannot capture it with his mouth, he will spontaneously raise his hand and meet yours. Use the command ‘shake’ every time he does this and before long, he will be shaking hands with you on command and without the lure of a treat!


Yes, your dog does shower you with kisses all times of the day, but to teach him to kiss on command is somewhat tricky. You have to be a little diligent and follow a few steps and will also need some items like a clicker, or a tape. But once you have managed to teach him this, you will love it. You can actually teach him to kiss not only you, but also your little pussycat-friend or any other cute and adorable pet you may have.


Now, we are moving into somewhat difficult terrains of dog training. Again, you will have to use some hand cue or a treat, but the methods involved are somewhat complicated. You can either do it yourself (which may call for enough patience and diligence on your part, but you will also be rewarded with a pleasing sense of accomplishment if you can pull it off on your own) or take the help of a professional dog trainer for this trick.

5.Bark on Command

Again, this is one of the more difficult tricks to teach your dog and normally, advanced show dogs will be able to perform it. It is best to enlist the help of a trainer if you want your dog to master this trick. The same also holds true for the next two tricks on the list.

6.Playing Dead

As we have already mentioned, a trainer will be best able to help you with this trick. Normally, the trainers use a backwards-teaching method for this trick, since at least in this case, it is found that the dogs find this one easier to perform when you teach them the last part first.

7.Stand on Hind Legs

This again is a forte of the advanced show dogs and only the trained professionals will be able to teach your dog this one in quick time since they possess the right know how and techniques for this one.

8.Sit Pretty

If your dog can perform the above trick, ‘sit pretty’ will not be difficult for him to master and you won’t have to sweat a lot over this one. Additionally, this one is particularly cute and is also good exercise for your pet friend.

9.Roll Over

Another incredibly cute trick! You will need to follow a few steps and be persistent with them and it won’t take your dog long to master this trick. As with most tricks, repetition is the key.


Well, this will seem like a fairly commonplace one to list at the end of it all. However, ‘fetch’, no matter how commonly you see dogs perform it, is not the easiest of tricks. All kinds of things may happen. Some dogs may not be interested in the toy at all. Others may go and fetch it, but will be reluctant to release it. Again, it takes a method and some persistence. And if they don’t help, you can still always ask the help of a professional dog trainer.

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