The Benefits of Contacting Ruffgers Dog University

We all love taking good care of our dogs because they are a big part of our families. The best way to keep your dog happy is by keeping it healthy and entertained. If you have to go for a vacation, business trip, work or attend to your daily routine that requires some time away from your pet, then contacting a dog daycare or boarding would be the best option. It’s not good to lock your dog in your house while you are away because it will be bored and feel lonely. Ruffgers Dog University provides the best boarding and daycare services for dogs. Some of the reasons you should consider these services include:

Specialized Training

The Ruffgers professional dog trainers are employed to keep your pet entertained and engaged. You can specify what areas you need the dog trainer to work on. The experts know how to help dogs exercise, socialize or learn new things during the time they spend in the daycare. If you want to leave your pet for a fairly long period, say a month, you can be assured that you will find your dog in a better condition.

Affordable Prices

Accommodation and daycare services have been subsidized to accommodate all dogs. Dog boarding Naples does not compromise on the quality of services offered to the pets. For just a small fee you can keep your dog away from the torture of spending time locked up in a kennel. The cost is inclusive of quality meals, clean and comfortable sleeping places, and training services. There are no hidden costs whenever you decide to consult our dog daycare services.

Proper Diet and Healthcare

Maintaining the health of a pet is the responsibility of the owner. It’s important to feed your dog with a balanced diet to keep it healthy and active. The kind of dog food served in our dog hotel is the best recommended by professional nutritionists. In case your dog needs emergency medication, we respond quickly to ensure it is treated on time. Bringing a pet to our dog daycare will safeguard it from malnutrition and poor eating habits.

24hour Services

Whether you want to leave your dog with us during the day or when you are going for a night out, we are here to help. The services run 24 hours a day throughout the week to enable clients attend to their needs without any inconvenience. You can book a place for your dog through our 24hour service center.

Conducive Environment

Playtime is something that you should always give to your dog. You need to keep your pet active and entertained to improve its health. Dog boarding Naples provides a conducive environment where dogs can relax, get some good sunshine and play. We do dog walking in our beautiful compound to ensure that the animals do not stay confined indoors. Pets become dormant and prone to diseases whenever their owners fail to take them out for exercise. You can prevent such problems by bringing your dog to our daycare because we have interesting games that will keep your pet active and flexible.

High-Standard Facilities

Most people fear taking their pets to daycare facilities due to the risk of contracting diseases. Ruffgers helps avoid contamination by providing clean living and sleeping places for all dogs. We have a team of caretakers who keep our dog hotel clean and disinfected. We also provide brushing, baths, raw bones, nails and bully sticks among other services. It’s important to keep the accommodation facilities safe from outside interference; that’s why we have carefully fenced our compound to keep away intruders. The compound is also free from any item that may cause injury to your dog.