Ruffgers Dog Training Tips & Tricks for 2017

The New Year isn’t just for setting goals for yourself, Ruffgers Dog University wants to help you set some dog training goals for you and your furry friend! There are almost and endless benefits to teaching your dog new tricks, the most important being that it is a wonderful way to form a closer more communicative bond with your dog.

Starting with basic dog tricks is a great way to get your dog to begin responding to your commands. Over time you’ll notice overall obedience and manners are also likely to improve, not to mention dog tricks are always great party tricks!

Our first lesson is one of the Dog training classes, “shake”

Dog training will also result in better health for your pet, this is because many tricks help your dog build muscle and stamina. If your dog has a lot of energy dog tricks are also a great way to help channel your dog’s energy into something positive.

In the next video we will teach your dog to “sit pretty”, which can help increase flexibility, balance, and concentration of your dog.

If you are interested in learning more about Ruffgers Dog University’s Training programs check out our (Academics) page on our website for a list of all of the classes we offer. Also, we invite you to schedule your dog’s next training program, for scheduling please call today!

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