Ruffgers Dog and Puppy Training

Ruffgers Dog and Puppy Training

Have you recently invited a new furry friend into your home? Or maybe you want to strengthen your relationship with your canine companion?

Well, Ruffgers Dog University is back again with another series of videos that with help any novice dog trainer. The following training techniques can be used on dogs of all ages, so whether you are training a puppy for the first time, or trying to teach an old dog new tricks, check out these videos!

Gentle Leader Tool

The first video is teaching how to use what is called a Gentle Leader tool. This tool will help your dog on your everyday walks, whether you have a pup that pulls a lot, like to pick up things off the ground, or run after other dogs or people, you can use this tool to control the dog’s head. As you can tell, this is not a muzzle and the dog is still free to open its mouth. The key to keeping your dog under control will be controlling its head while you are walking. Check out the video to see how it is used!

Puppy Crate Training

The second video will focus on teaching your dog how to use their crate. This is a skill easiest to teach to puppies, however, is capable of being learned by most dogs. You will first need a crate, a few treats/food, depending on their meal times, and of course, your dog! Check out the video to see the full steps below!

Thanks for checking out our website, and stay tuned for more videos on Ruffgers Dog and Puppy Training!

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