Ruffgers Dog Training Videos

Ruffgers Dog Training Videos

Nose Touch to Heel

In this video, we will be working on teaching your dog how to nose touch, once we have learned this skill we will use it to get your dog into heel position to reinforce the lesson. This is a great lesson for dogs in obedience training. As always, have your dog and a few treats and you are ready to begin.

First, you are going to offer your palm, flat hand, to your dog. As soon as they touch your palm you give the affirmation “yes”, and give them a treat from the same hand you had out for them (important to remember to use the same hand!). As your dog understands the drill, you can advance to moving your hand back and forth to wherever you would like your dog to move.

Now, once your dog understands the concept, you can use this technique to maneuver your dog to “heel position”. This heel zone is what is known as their “reinforcement zone”, which is a very important area, whether you are meeting new people or around those who are afraid of dogs, you can always know your dog will stay in their “reinforcement zone”.

This is a great lesson to practice regularly at home, your dog will love it, and you will love the new found obedience your pup will show you in return!

Morning Agility Training

After all of the tedious training and tips, we can’t forget to let all of our extra energy out! At Ruffgers Dog University we believe almost any dog can learn to play in a fun way that brings joy to both the dog and you, the owner! Sometimes, all you need to do is get rid of a little extra energy, which is why Ruffgers is here to help, not only with our training classes but also with our Doggie daycare, where your dog can learn how to socialize with other dogs in a healthy manner. This way, when you pick up your dog at the end of the day and not only will your dog be happy to see you, but your dog will learn a few new skills while they are away!

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