Teaching your dog to stay

At Ruffgers Dog University we believe no dog is too old, or too young, to learn new tricks. In this video, we have a young puppy who we are teaching how to sit and stay without any commands! While we have a puppy here, this lesson can be taught to dogs of all ages. As always, we begin with your dog and a few treats!

Here are a few tips to reference

We begin with the treats on the floor in a place where the dog can see them, however, they are not allowed to eat the treats until they hear the verbal command “yes”, which we give the dog when they back away from the treats, sit and stay.

Watch at first as the puppy doesn’t immediately understand the concept, he is trying to dig his way under the trainer’s hand to get to the food instead of waiting for a command. However, he quickly learns that the only way to get a treat is to back away and either sit or lay down! Over a few quick weeks of training, your dog can have no problem with this as well!

If you have any trouble training your puppy or dog you can always bring them over to Ruffgers Dog University. At Ruffgers we offer a variety of classes from: Puppy Classes, Manners & Canine Good Citizen, Rally Classes, Trick Class, and what we call “Reactive Rover” for the dogs that need a little extra attention.

Ruffgers Dog University offers classes 6 days a week, for a view of our class schedule, visit our calendar here!  We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!  Feel free to browse our website, and reach out if you have any questions!  We are here to help!