Doggy Daycare + Puppy Training, Two Dog Necessities

Two Necessities: Doggy Daycare + Puppy Training

Working families in Naples, Fl trust Ruffgers Dog University for providing top class doggie daycare and puppy training services. Becoming a pet parent implies accepting responsibility for a new dog. Ruffgers understands this and offers to help you with bringing up your pet dog such that it grows up well-schooled, adjusted, and well-groomed in the ways of pet dogs.

We understand that you have a work life and that it may not always be possible for you to fulfill your responsibilities toward your new dog. Puppy training matters a lot; little puppies are sensitive and absorb information from their surroundings. The absence of pet parents, neglect, and poor feeding routines can result in a maladjusted pet dog. Ruffgers dog daycare and dog boarding facility in Naples Fl is your dog’s home away from home.

Our dog boarding facilities provide your beloved pet with all the creature comforts of home and enough opportunities for exercise and striking friendships. We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff, and we make sure that pets in our care do not experience separation anxiety. Your pet will be accommodated in the Residence Hall Den, Residence Hall Suite, or Residence Hall Den Suite. In each of these carefully created spaces, the animal enjoys freedom, fun-time, recreation, and relaxation so that it stays away from bad habits that creep into a dog’s behavior when bored, alone, or away from a familiar environment.

Ruffgers is a part of the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program. This six-week program is an opportunity for dog owners to learn about their dogs so that you are better equipped to train your dog, look after its nutrition, and prevent destructive habits from taking root.

Puppy Training Program at Ruffgers, Florida includes:

· Pet manners – These are a fundamental aspect of dog training. The Ruffgers puppy class covers training elements such as sitting, meeting people, loose leash walking, staying put, heeling, and more.

· Agility exercises – Many dog breeds are naturally gifted at learning agility exercises. This dog training module will expose your pet dog to tackling obstacle courses, such as teeters and weaving poles.

· Training in parks – Ruffgers trains dogs in different parks across Collier County, Florida. Instill in your pet the confidence to focus on objectives in the midst of distractions.

· Tricks – The dog class also teaches your pet tricks that improve the animal’s coordination and motor skills while serving to provide enjoyment to you and the dog.

The dog class and puppy class offered as a part of the daycare and boarding program for canines are a great value addition and pet parents using our service concur. You can opt for a half-day or full-day daycare. Choose a program best suited to your schedule.

We also offer a personalized daycare program where the animal receives individual attention. The dog’s nutrition is taken care of. It will relish the raw bones, chicken, bully sticks, and other nourishing goodies we provide.

Ruffgers takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all your dog care needs. We are a doggy daycare where your prized pet not only stays in a safe and healthy environment but also gets trained in crucial skills such as stepping outside the house when having to go to answer nature’s call.

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