Puppy Training Isn’t Easy – We’re Here to Help

Puppy Training Isn’t Easy – We’re Here to Help

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Are you in search for a school specialized in puppy training? Ruffgers Dog University has a unique puppy class program to transition your puppy to its new home.

Ruffgers is part of the AKC STAR Puppy Program, which trains dog owners and their puppies. The practical skills offered for puppy training include: crate games, loose leash walking, coming when called, meet and greet, focus exercise, sending to bed, and touch sensitivity. After the AKC STAR Puppy Training, pets can now join Outdoor Pet Manners, Pet Manners 101, Pet Manners 201, and the Canine Good Citizen Program.

The Canine Good Citizen Program is a series of tests to teach your puppy good manners. In the first test, a stranger will walk past the new pet and shake hands with its master and exchange pleasantries. The puppy is expected to show no sign of shyness or resentment. The second test is to verify if the new pet allows a friendly stranger to pet it while in its master’s company. The puppy is not expected to show any signs of shyness or uneasiness, but should stand still in its position as the stranger pets it on the head or body.

The next step of puppy classes is the test of appearance and grooming. In this stage, the puppy is projected to allow a friend of the owner, veterinarian or groomer to examine and groom it without showing any form of dislike. This test also looks at the owner’s care for the new pet, his/her concern and responsibility over it. This can be determined by looking at its appearance: whether it is clean and groomed, and its health condition (cleanliness, alertness and proper weight). During this third test, the evaluator combs the puppy gently, picks up each one of its paws and examines its ears while giving the new pet encouragement or praise.

The fourth step of puppy classes is a walk on a loose leash. This test is intended to display the handler’s control over the puppy. While on a leash, the puppy is asked to walk in a position near the handler that will display that it is indeed attentive to him and, therefore, should submit to any of his/her movements such as change of direction or a stop. For this to work efficiently, the area the walk is taking place should have a left turn, a right one and an about turn with at least one stop in between. As the walk is taking place, the handler may choose to talk to the puppy in a normal tone and try to give it simple commands. This may be combined with the next test, which is to walk through a crowd. In this, the puppy should walk in pedestrian traffic calmly, showing only a little interest in the strangers but still continue walking without overexcitement or bitterness.

The puppy training also tests your pet’s ability to sit down on command as well as staying in its place. In this exercise, the puppy’s leash is substituted with a line, which is approximately 20 feet long. The new pet is commanded to walk towards the handler on the line and back. A similar test is also done to see if the puppy can respond when called, but this time the line used is 10 feet from the new pet. The next test is the puppy’s reaction to another puppy. Puppies are expected to remain calm towards each other and their owner. The puppy is also supposed to abstain from any other form of distraction such as a rolling ball moving past it and is expected to express interest but not go wild. This lesson is offered in our puppy training school.

Find out more detailed information on our puppy training classes here. Ruffgers Dog University also offers dog boarding services, which allow your pet to interact with others for a longer time. We are here to help your newest family member transition smoothly to your new home.

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