Ruffgers Online Pet Shop: The One-Stop Shop For All of Your Puppy Products

When you bring your puppy home, you will need a whole host of items to cover all of his or her needs. These include a collar and leash, food and treats, dog beds, crates, kennels, food and water bowls, a variety of toys, and so on. As a pet lover, you want your puppy to have the best of it all and here at the pet shop at Ruffgers Dog University, we strive to offer you the best.

At Ruffgers, we offer specialized dog training courses (which include obedience classes, puppy training and agility classes), dog daycare and boarding facilities. At the same time, we are fast developing our puppy products shop where you can purchase all the necessary items and equipment for your furry friend. You can buy the items from our on-facility pet shop when you come to attend a training class or leave your puppy in our care.

Ruffgers Pet Online Shop pays special attention to only selecting the highest quality pet items on the market. All of our dog collars hold the identification tag and your pup’s dog license. Be mindful that you should always be careful when choosing a dog collar for your tiny pup! Luckily, we have options: you can choose a chain or a two-piece buckle collar. For both options, you must make sure that it fits comfortably around your pet’s neck without being too tight.

The dog leash is another important item and gives you control during obedience class or dog training programs and when you go on a stroll with your canine pal. For a young puppy, a four-feet leash will suffice, although you may need longer ones if you have enrolled in an obedience class. A loop at the end of the dog leash comes handy too, for the sake of your own comfort. Needless to say, as your dog gets older, you will need larger collars and longer leashes- and we have a large supply of both.

Food and treats are also very important when it comes to smaller puppies. Dog treats are an essential item in puppy training. When you teach your dog tricks, manners and obedience, you must always reward him or her with a dog treat when they successfully perform a trick or obey a command. However, when it comes to a small puppy, you must be on your guard about the kind of treat and food you are giving them. We carry many trustworthy brands that are health-conscious and safe for all pets.

Puppies need to be kept on a special diet that includes the right mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat and carbohydrates which will develop their organs, bones, skin and coat. This is why it is important that you give them products from only the best and the most trusted pet food brands.


At Ruffgers, we care about our guests (pups and owners alike) and strive to select only the best pet items available in the market. At our pet shop, you will find many essential tools and equipment for puppy training and grooming. These include ‘Polly Collar’, ‘Martingale Collar’ (Buckle), ‘Martingale Collar’ (Chain), ‘Training Tabs’, ‘Leather Training Leads’, ‘Poly Slib Leads’; a wide array of grooming supplies, carriers, containers, puppy gates, water and food bowls, toys; and of course a wide variety of dog food and treat products from the best and the most reliable pet food brands in the market.

In case our current stock doesn’t include the specific items you are looking for, our staff will do their best to find them for you from where they are available, and at best prices too! For more information and to check out the services and products we have in offer, please visit our website at