The Box Drill

At Ruffgers Dog University we believe no dog is too old, or too young, to learn new tricks. In this video, we have a young puppy still gaining awareness of its body! While we have a puppy here, this lesson can be taught to dogs of all ages.

There are multiple innovative ways to train your dog. The box drill is great method to teach a dog its body awareness, with emphasis on its front and back legs.

All you require to complete this box drill is a box with a lower edge that you leave on the ground and some treats.

As the puppy approaches the box, if the puppy sniffs the box, you will want to say ‘Yes’ and toss a cookie into the box. When the puppy puts its front legs in the box, you will want to say the command ‘Yes’ again and toss another cookie in the box. Finally, when the puppy puts its back legs in the box too, you can say ‘Yes” one other time and throw another cookie into the box. The main lesson for the young dog to learn is that he or she will get a treat whenever they give attention to the box.

If you have any trouble training your puppy or dog you can always bring them over to Ruffgers Dog University. At Ruffgers we offer a variety of classes from: Puppy Classes, Manners & Canine Good Citizen, Rally Classes, Trick Class, and what we call “Reactive Rover” for the dogs that need a little extra attention.

Ruffgers Dog University offers classes 6 days a week, for a view of our class schedule, visit our calendar here!

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