what should I feed my dog

What Should I Feed my Dog?

What should I feed my dog? is a question that many dog owners need assistance to answer.

At Ruffgers Dog University, we are specialized in giving your dog the best training available. Having your furry friend’s best interest in mind, we value the importance of a healthy diet. This is why our pet store offers the best nutrition available to give dogs the energy they need to grow and learn.

At Ruffgers Dog University, we strongly recommend a raw-based diet. The difference is found in how the food is processed and what ingredients are found in the food.

Dry food for dogs is often made with brown yellow corn, soybean meal, chicken flavoring, and a lot of coloring. A lot of those ingredients are terrible for your dog. Raw-based diet foods include a wide of variety of healthy foods such as organic kale and broccoli, sweet potatoes, duck feets and necks, and lamb ears.

A common mistake is to not pay attention to what we feed dogs. A balanced diet will contribute to the health of your dog’s teeth, bones, eyes, to name a few. Unhealthy foods can lead to low energy levels, itchiness, soreness and bad breath.

Brands we carry include: Stella & Chewy’s, Primal, Vital Essentials and Real Meat Dog Food. We offer a variety of healthy snacks, frozen foods and probiotic items to ensure your dog gets all its nutrients.

Have a busy schedule, but want to feed your dog the best on the market? Take advantage us delivering pet food products right to your doorstep. (Minimum required for Free Delivery) Please contact info@newnewruffgers.mystagingwebsite.com if you would like to order.

The Naples community highly praises and appreciates our facility because it offers a positive impact not only to the animals but also to the dog owners.

Check out our website for more information about the services we provide. You can also consult our online store at www.newnewruffgers.mystagingwebsite.com.


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