Meet and Greet: Obedience Dog Training

Meet and Greet: is it that simple to teach?

A lot of our customers ask our team at Ruffgers Dog University for help in regards to meeting and greeting. Many dogs get too excited at the idea of socializing; owners complain that when people come over to visit, their pets get too stimulated and jump on their friends. Since good canine manners prevail, we can provide you assistance in teaching your dog obedience. 

Here are some tips to work on this behavior :

If a friendly stranger comes up to you and asks to pet your dog, kindly ask your dog to sit. Once your dog obeys the command, invite the friendly stranger to pet your furry friend and keep rewarding you dog with a treat as long as it stays in a seated position. The goal is to keep your dog’s attention on you.

If your dog doesn’t obey the command, don’t be afraid to tell the friendly stranger to wait to pet your dog. If the stranger ignores the dog until it obeys your command, this will teach your furry friend to be obedient to you first in order to get attention from strangers.

At Ruffgers Dog University, we dedicate ourselves to offering our community the best courses to contribute to your dog’s development. Check out our Pet Manners classes which  introduce creative exercises that will keep you and your dog on your toes. We cover focus exercises, sit, down, meet and greet, loose leash walking, coming when called, sending to a bed/mat, stay, hand touch, heel position and much more!

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Check out our website for more information about the courses we provide at To book your dog please call 239-732-5455 or email

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