Outdoor Dog Training This Summer

It’s almost summertime and we all know what that means- time to get outside and enjoy! To make getting outside and being active more enjoyable, you may want to bring your furry companion along for the adventure. Enrolling in an outdoor training course is the way to ensure that playing outside will all run smoothly.

For the most part, puppies and dogs alike love being outdoors. It’s a wide open space for them to run free, play, meet other dogs and get out all of their built up energy. Along with all of those outdoor activities come plenty of distractions. At Ruffgers Dog University we have specialized outdoor training classes that will help to hone in and limit your dog from becoming distracted while playing outside.

Our outdoor training class focuses on teaches dogs how to be obedient when faced with a number of distractions (ie: other animals, people, unfamiliar objects, etc.) so that your outdoor playdates can be fun and manageable for the both of you without having any mishaps. We are aware that plenty of dogs may dart off in an opposite direction from you if something catches their eye, and we are here to help avoid that situation. There is nothing worse than losing your pup to an unintentional distraction.

The outdoor training classes at Ruffgers Dog University are held at various parks throughout Collier County. We believe that hosting outdoor training courses at a variety of dog parks in Naples is the most beneficial way to help dogs learn their environment and give real life examples of how they may become distracted when they’re outdoors with their owner. This also allows dogs to relieve all of that energy they may be harnessing and the opportunity to make friends with other pets enrolled in the outdoor training class as well. Socializing puppies and dogs is incredibly beneficial for their overall well-being, so combining socialization with other pets and being active outdoors provides a wonderful class for your dog to learn AND play.

We would love to meet you and your pup and have you enroll in our outdoor dog training class this summer. Please check out our Dog Training Classes page for more detail.

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