Sit and Stay Tips


Many of our clients at Ruffgers Dog University share being overwhelmed trying to teach their dog to sit and stay.

Our team of professionals has a few tips to help you teach your canine friend :

For your furry friend to learn how to sit and stay, it is important to start by having your pet in front of you, facing your toes. Make big circles with your arm the closest to your dog, above his or her head, and hold a treat. Once your dog is in sitting position, reward with a treat. Then, pivot around your dog, and stand from a distance. Your dog will stay in sitting position as you keep rewarding him or her with a treat. When you are ready to release, bring yourself next to your dog and pick a cue word that will become a release command for your dog to stand and walk with you.


As you progress with your sit and stay training, you will want to add distance and distraction components to the mix. An example could be dropping a toy on the ground prior to reaching towards your dog with a treat to see if he or she will stay in a sitting position to get the treat, or if the attention is shifted towards the toy. This will levels of complexity to the drill and test your furry’s friend knowledge. 

sit and stay tips

At Ruffgers Dog University, we dedicate ourselves to offering our community the best courses to contribute to your dog’s development. Check out our Pet Manners classes which  introduce creative exercises that will keep you and your dog on your toes. We cover focus exercises, sit, down, meet and greet, loose leash walking, coming when called, sending to a bed/mat, stay, hand touch, heel position and much more!


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