“Leave It” Drill Training for Dogs

Here at Ruffgers Dog University, we specialize in all types of training. We have many clients who complain that their furry companions are great at fetching that squeaky toy but then refuse to let it go. This week we decided we are going to focus on our “leave it” training and made a video with a few tips!

The very first thing we learn is that there is no verbal command needed for your dog to learn to “leave it”. At Ruffgers, we teach a shaping behavior for this trick. It is recommended that you use a gentle leader, which is placed on the dog’s nose. It is comfortable, allows your pet to still eat/accept treats, but does give you control over their head which is useful for teaching the “leave it” command.

Another thing that is necessary for this type of training is an ample number of tasty treats. Dogs are known for picking up various items, whether it be toys or random findings on the floor or outside, and most of the time they will not willingly let it go, so having a treat to guide them with is super helpful.

We hope that these tips help with this shaping drill and that your dog learns how to “leave it” when necessary! Both the gentle leader harness and treat pouch are available at our shop and you can find more information about our training programs here.

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