Planning a little getaway to escape the heat this summer? Leave your four-footed friends with our loving and skilled crew at Ruffgers Dog University! We would be happy to love on your pup while you enjoy your time away. Our dog boarding facility is top-notch and unique for each dog that stays with us.

Residence Hall Stock Dog image

Ruffgers Dog University is unlike any other dog boarding facility. Our 18,000-square foot facility is nestled right in the heart of East Naples and features a 5,000-square foot dog training area, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas. The Residence Hall has a unique home-like layout, creating a comfortable, non-kennel space for your furry companions. There are three different options of spaces for your pup for an overnight stay. The Residence Hall Den, Residence Hall Den Suite and the Residence Hall Suite. Each is comfortable and unique in its own way.

In the Residence Hall Den your pet will have its own area with their bed, chew toys and anything else you wish to pack with them. This is the most ideal choice for a dog who prefers to be alone, or slightly less active (possibly for an older pet who may not be as physically active as younger pups). They will certainly enjoy plenty of play time, but will retreat to their own cozy space one play time with the rest of the furry residents is over.

The Residence Hall Den Suite is slightly different in the sense that there are four themed rooms within our Residence Hall (the Library, Garden, Frat and Quad.) The Garden and Library and built to accommodate small to medium sized dogs. Whereas the Quad and Frat are built to accommodate for larger and more active dogs. Our professional staff takes the time to evaluate your dog prior to a stay with us to ensure they are placed in the right space with other dogs that they will get along best with. These spaces feature a common area where they can play throughout the day with their friends, but they will also enjoy a private area where they are fed and sleep at night. The common areas have couches, rugs and lots of toys to ensure that they are comfortable and feel right at home.

The Residence Hall Suite is a larger area that is dedicated to larger breeds, or a family of dogs who want to stay together. These spaces are our largest and are typically booked for larger dogs or groups who want to band together for their duration at Ruffgers Dog University.

Each residency is unique, accommodating and extremely comfortable for dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds and sizes. We work our best to ensure that your pet is getting the utmost treatment during their stay, and that you are settled knowing that your dog is in a safe and comfortable space while you’re away. Please contact us at for more information about our dog boarding, or give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about the Residence Hall spaces we have available for this summer!