Planning a getaway from your typical routine this summer? Wanting to bring along your furry friends for the ride? Our team has rounded up some useful travel tips for you and your pup to help out while planning. Check out a few important tidbits you’ll need to know before you hit the road! And if you do decide to travel solo, check out all of our ‘Residence Hall’ options at to choose the best option for boarding your pup while you’re away!

Check Travel Restrictions: If you plan to take public transportation in order to reach your final destination, you may need to look into what is and is not allowed concerning your furry friends. For instance, most airline companies have certain restrictions for traveling with a dog. Be sure to check with the carrier line that you will be using. Special rules may apply to dogs that qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as service animals. If you plan to travel internationally, there are specific requirements in line as well. Make sure you are knowledgeable about all rules and regulations beforehand!

Be Aware of the Heat: No matter where you are, a typical summer in the U.S. (from June-August) is going to be HOT. Hundreds of pets die every year from being left in a scorching hot vehicle. “It will just be a few minutes” or “I left the windows cracked” are not valid excuses. Please be aware and not neglectful when it comes to leaving your companion alone in the car this summer. We’ve included a chart below to help you know when it is and is not okay to run inside while your pup is left in the car.


Find Pet-Friendly Stops: If you decide to bring along your furry friend for your travels, you always want to ensure that your pup will be welcomed at your destination (and any of the fun stops along the way!) In order to make sure that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible, you may want to research pet-friendly hotels and pet-friendly car rentals in the area that you are staying. One helpful resource that we enjoy using is – They have a useful tool that will pull up any pet-friendly stays in any city across the U.S. to help make sure your trip is successful!



If you decide that it may be in your best interest to travel sans your loving pup, check out all of our dog boarding facility options at Our team of trained and loving professionals would be more than happy to host your companion while you are traveling this summer!