Summer comes with its long days, clear skies, lazy days by the pool, tons of cold drinks, and various activities with your dog. With summer coming to an end, here are 6 things to do with your dog before summer ends. Dogs love to be active so these activities are meant to make you get out and move.


1.  Beach Fun

Visit a dog friendly beach in your area for the day building sandcastles, burying your dog in the sand, and throwing a ball or frisbee around. Just let your dog run wild and have fun. Remember to stay hydrated and bring an umbrella for protection from the sun!



2. Outdoor Movie

Take your best friend out to watch a dog movie in an outdoor showing or drive through movie. Make sure to bring snacks for the two of you.



3. Canoeing

Hit the river or lake for a canoe ride. The warm sun, fresh air, and the ripples across the water’s surface will make for a happy pet. Safety first so don’t forget the doggy life jacket!



4. Puppy Classes

Stop by your local dog university and sign up for puppy classes. Your dog can learn new tricks and make new friends all with you by their furry side.


5. Poolside Pooch

You love the pool and so will your dog. Get a kiddie pool, if you don’t have a backyard pool,  and let your pooch float around in a plastic donut. Have some frozen treats ready for them when they get out and plenty  of towels.



6. Overnight Camping

Plan a camping trip and bring your dog along! They get to experience nature and do new and fun things out in the wild. Bring their favorite blanket and toy so they don’t have trouble falling asleep.



All these activities are great ways to spend time with your pets before summer ends. Don’t forget to keep yourself and your pet hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen. Yes! There is doggy sunscreen so slather your pooch with some and have fun!