“Back Up” Dog Training Tips + Video

This month here at Ruffgers Dog University, we wanted to teach the importance of “back up” training for your puppy or dog. “Back up” training comes in handy whether your trying to have your pup back up from the door when guests arrive or you’re walking in with your hands full, or even if you are trying to teach them to be more patient at feeding time or with treats. Teaching your dog to back up is useful in many different scenarios so we are here to help you with a few tips and tricks!

Setting a verbal que for “back up” is the first order of business here. Our founder and expert dog instructor, Aschley Kezeske, likes to use “beep beep” for her dogs at home, but your verbal command is whatever you are comfortable using. ‘Back’, ‘reverse’, or ‘beep beep’ are just a few that we recommend.


Once you’ve decided on your verbal que for backing up, you’ll begin practicing with your pup in an open area with two barriers next to them. Here, we have small gates that we can use for training, but at home feel free to use a couch and footstool or two small tables that your dog can fit comfortably in between. When you’re ready with treat in hand, of course, you’ll state your command and shift towards your dog while they back up away from you. Once they catch on to the backing up away from you, you’ll toss the treat in their direction making sure not to directly give it to them from your hand. This is to ensure that they remain backing up from you and not coming towards you.


After a few tries, your pup will catch on and will be backing up on command in no time! We hope these tips help with you and your furry friend. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more fun videos with useful dog tips and tricks.

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