The Importance of Loose Leash Training

A lot of our clients were having issues with their furry companions pulling them while on their leash, so we took it upon ourselves to make a video showcasing the importance of training your pup how to walk on a loose leash and a few tips to make it easier on you. This skill of loose leash walking is vital for a happy and well-mannered dog. This video will help you out in numerous ways (and your arms will thank you!) Say goodbye to getting dragged down the street on your walks.

First things first, always add value to yourself and make yourself more attractive to your dog. Don’t forget to have your treats handy!

Secondly, hold the leash with the opposite hand of which side your dog is walking on. For example, if your pup is walking on your left, be sure to hold your leash with your right hand. This is important because you want to give treats with the hand closest to your dog so that they remain by your side and not way out in front of you.

There will be a lot of walking and turning in different directions during this training, and also a lot of rewarding. You want to show your dog that the valuable place to be is right by your side, so be sure to give treats generously as they walk alongside you. (You can always make them work a little harder for their breakfast or dinner after training!) Once your dog realizes that the valuable position is by your side, you can begin rewarding a little less. During this training you always want to remember the importance of “heel” and having your dog practice heel position during the training.

We hope that this video has provided you with useful tips and tricks for your ‘loose leash’ training. If you are interested in learning more about the training we provide or any of our other services, please visit our home page.


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