Hurricane Prep Tips for Dogs

The devastation Hurricane Harvey caused to Houston and surrounding cities, Irma making it’s way towards us here in Florida, Jose, and Katia following: we have officially entered hurricane season. Time and effort  has been taken to make sure we are prepared for whatever may happen, but we need to remember our furry friends are counting on us to make sure they are safe a well.



1. Emergency Kit: Prep an emergency kit for your dog like you would for yourself. Make sure you pack dry or canned dog food, water, a blanket, medical records, a leash, and their favorite toy.

2. Keep Pets Inside: Keep your dog in the house with you at all times. You do not want your pet outside all alone. They can wander away and get lost.

3. Have A Plan: If you are evacuating, create a plan and stick with it. If your area is prone to flooding, find a shelter that will allow pets. Not all shelters allow pets.

4. ID: Make sure your pet has an updated tag or is microchipped. Make sure that you have proof that your dogs is yours if you do get separated.

5. Do Not Stress: This is hard, but try to stay calm. Dogs are sensitive and if they sense you stressing, they will stress too.


Using these tips will get your dog prepped for Irma. These are stressful times, and if you use these tips, your pet will be prepped and ready. During this time, we at Ruffgers are thinking of each and every one of you and your pet. We will be here for you once this storm has passed and we will be with you in the days after. Stay safe, do not wander into high water, and make sure that you create a plan and stick with it. As always, make sure to have lots of treats for your pooch when the going gets tough. They need you just as much as you need them.

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