Puppy Obedience Training: When and Why?

Getting a new puppy is one of life’s greatest little moments.  Like every young, your new dog must take puppy obedience training. That little ball of fur is going to grow up to be your best friend in the entire world. He or she will be the first to greet you and the last to send you on your way each day. Before all this can happen, your little bugger needs to be trained. Many of first-time pet owners wonder when should I get my pet into classed and is it even necessary?

Puppies are very active and highly energetic. Because they do not know any better that your favorite pair of shoes is not a chew toy, they must be taught. Just like how we were taught right from wrong, how to stand, and walk; so must puppies. Taking obedience classes with your dog allows you to build and strengthen your bond. It also allows your dog to meet other pups and make friends while you get to make friends with other dog parents.

It is best to start your puppy obedience training fairly early so that is is easier to learn. Start off at home with teaching your dog simple commands like sit, stay, and down when they are around 7 weeks old. When your pup is 3-4 months old, that is the ideal time to register for formal training classes. The saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is very true in regards to puppy obedience training. The best way to get a young pup, or any dog, to listen is to always have treats on hand. It works every time. Make sure to practice what you learned in class at home so you don’t fall behind. Yes, even dogs get homework.


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