Catch Me: Jump in Lap Trick

In this video titled Catch Me, Aschley shows us how to teach our dogs to jump into our laps. This trick is not for everyone, but it is so cute. Teaching your dog to jump into your lap is very simple to teach and learn.

Here is the break down from the;

1. Stay Command

First of all, you need to teach your dog the “stay” command if you haven’t already done this. Do a quick web search. There are plenty of available resources on this topic. Place your dog on one side of a room and have him “stay” there. You need to then go to the other side of room that is away from your dog.

2. Spot-Come-Up, Up Command

Sit in a low chair on the other side of the room. Hold one of your dog’s favorite toys or treats in your hand so he can see it. Say these three commands very enthusiastically while patting your lap: “Spot” – “Come here!” – “Up, Up!” Be sure to use your own dog’s name instead of “Spot.” It is not likely that your pet will jump right away into your lap. More than likely, he will be excited and run up to you and place one or both paws on you.

3. Praise and Reward

Give him a lot of praise after he arrives and give the toy or treat you are using to him as a reward. Next, lead him back to the other side of the room and have him “stay” there while you return to your low chair on the other side of the room. Repeat this process over and over again about 10 or more times. This should be an adequate number of repetitions.

4. Repeat Until Success

After you reach the tenth or more “repeat” of this process, do not praise your dog if he just continues to come to you and put his paw on you. The praise and toy or treat should only occur if your dog actually jumps up and crawls into your lap. You will probably need to provide additional motivation or encouragement at this point. Scoop him up slightly into your lap when your dog puts his paw on you. Hopefully your dog will get the idea and when you give the command he will run over and jump into your lap to get the toy or reward. Over time you can skip the toy or treat and the added praise you give him will keep your dog content.

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