Easter with Dogs


Easter Sunday is upon us for those of you who didn’t know. It’s such an exciting time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate what Easter means to you. We have some great ideas for activities that are great for dogs and even the little ones. Easter isn’t just for little kids!

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1. Egg Hunt: Have full blown egg hunt!

Gather yellow and blue eggs and fill them with smelly dog treats (training treats)  and hide them around the yard.

Allow your dog to watch you put treats into 3 eggs so they know what you are doing

Make it a family event by getting the kids involved! Use various colored eggs filled with candy for the kids (not yellow or blue) and hid those around as well. 

2. Bring out the Easter BunnyGet the dogs and the kids to take photos with the Easter Bunny and have cute bunny ears and other props to use. 

3. Bobbing for Eggs: Fill several kiddie pools with water and drop treat-filled eggs in and allow dogs to bob for eggs. This is perfect if the weather is too hot to run around looking for eggs.

4. Treat Decorating: Create this great Apple Carrot treat for your dog, make sure to get rabbit cookie cutters for rabbit shaped treat. Have a table set with dog-friendly frosting (found in stores or on Amazon) and have fun decorating the cookies for your dog.

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Don’t forget to also have an Easter basket for them! Fill with their favorite snacks, cute toys, and lots of fun things.

Happy Easter everyone! Please watch your dogs this weekend, make sure they stay out of the chocolate!

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