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Spring Break with your Dog

Spring break is here! One week of relaxation from school, work, tests, and hopefully traffic. We have some great ideas for things to do during Spring Break with your dog.


1. Go to the Beach: The beach is the first thought when someone says Spring break. Dog-friendly beaches have become more common so that dog owners can now take their furry friend to enough the sun, great weather, and make doggie friend as well. It is important to keep in mind that dog-friendly beaches can only remain so if they are properly taken care of. As with any other dog-friendly area, it is key to pick up after your pooch, obey leash laws (when necessary) and keep your pup under control. Beaches such as Dog Beach in Fort Myers, Florida are set aside specifically for dogs and their owners. Dogs are allowed to run free in long, open expanses of beach (entirelypets).


2. Let’s get Epic: If you want to visit good ole Miami, book a stay at the Epic Hotel. There’s no extra charge for bringing your dog! Here they’ll receive a complimentary bed, food and water bowls, a leash and plastic bags. The concierge can arrange walking, grooming, pet sitting, and even massage services. With all this pampering, your dog’s visit to Miami may very well be epic (petcentric).


3.  Picnic: With the warm breezy weather that makes Spring break so great, why not go picnicking with your dog? Create your favorite transportable meal and make fido some great doggy treats so you both can enjoy your day our. Check out this post from barkpost for ideas on how to prep for a picnic with your dog.


Of course, don’t forget to have fun with Spring break and have lots of sunscreen and water for yourself and your precious pup. Stay safe everyone!


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