Reactive Rover Classes for Summer

A reactive rover is a dog that demonstrates inappropriate aggressive behavior while on-leash such as lunging, barking, and growling.

Our Reactive Rover class is a six-week class designed to teach owners how to manage and re-train appropriate behavior for dogs that are reactive, aggressive, fearful or anxious around other dogs or maybe even people.

With summer right around the corner, many people will be out with their families and pets enjoying the sunshine. Don’t be left out because of your dog’s embarrassing behavior.

Check out this video by Aschley with some simple training tips for those of you who are having issues taking your dog out in public.



Here are Ruffgers, we are happy to help make your life a lot more stress-free and happier for you and your dog. If your dog is reactive, please sign up for the class on our website. No more feeling guilty for not wanting to take your dog outside and no more embarrassment from the disapproving looks of other dog owners. We can help!


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