Spa Day For Your Furry Friend

Everybody enjoys a nice spa day, right? When life gets ruff, we all like a nice day dedicated strictly to relaxation, champagne and pampering. But very rarely do we take the time to think about our fluffy friends. Unfortunately, they can’t express to us when they are in need of something. I guarantee you after all the walks and energy your dog expends, your dog definitely deserves a spa day. We can use a lot of the same principles to help our pups relax as we do for ourselves and can really help when you have an anxious or tense dog.  Check out this list.

Set the mood. Set the mood for your spa treatment. Dim the lights, burn some candles, incense, or diffusers with scents that will be relaxing for both you and your dog. Make sure to remember dogs have much stronger noses than humans- don’t overpower him/ her with scents.
Music. If your dog has a favorite playlist, play it. If he/ she doesn’t have a specific type of music they like, play something soothing. The more relaxed you are, the more your furry friend will pick up on that during the spa treatment.
Warm bath. Run a warm bath for your pooch. Use some soothing, pet-friendly conditioners and give them a nice, gentle bath. If your dog isn’t a big fan of baths, make this process quick and easy but leave him / her smelling good.
Nails. Once your dog is towel dried and brushed, move on to clip his / her nails. Clip them and file them so they don’t get caught on anything he/ she may walk on. If your dog is a girl, paint her nails a soft pink or lavender.
Massage. Lay your dog on the couch, floor, or bed and give him / her a gentle massage. To do this with your dog, you will need to use your fingertips to knead his muscles from his shoulders down around his back and neck and up to his head behind his ears. You can also gently take each leg and give him a very gentle massage on each leg.
Comfortable relaxing. Once your massage is concluded, get yourself and your dog a favorite treat and lay down and relax together. Talk to your dog softly, enjoy the music and scenery, and enjoy the spa treatment you’ve given your dog on this special day.

Spa tips are courtesy of You may laugh, but you should take the time to pamper yourself and your dog (at the same time!) when you follow these simple steps.  Chilling out and get rejuvenated with your pup can help with both you and your furry friend’s stress levels! We hope you enjoy it and have a spa-tacular day!

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