Most dogs know the basics…sit, stay, come. And training dogs can be difficult, but as long as both you and your furry friend are focused, things will go pretty smoothly and can be a lot of fun! Here are some uncommon tricks that majority of dogs do not know how to do. With our tips and your focus, your pet will be learning new tricks in no time.

1. Carrying groceries trick. Teaching your dog to carry groceries or other bagged items is an excellent way to get your dog to be a hardworking member of the family.


2. Dog Push-ups Trick. Doggy push-ups are the perfect combination of sit down tricks, your dog will have biceps in no time.

3. Go Hide Trick. Teaching your dog the go hide trick will be sure to get laughs from those around you.

4. Refuse Food Trick. Teaching your dog to refuse food is not only funny, but it will actually keep your dog from begging for food that isn’t theirs.

5. Dogs Walk Themselves Trick. Instead of walking your dog, have your dog walk himself. It’shystericall to see a dog walking himself with their leash in their mouth.


6. Crawl Trick. A crawling pup is an easy trick that can usually be taught in one simple session. You can either refer to it as army crawl or just straight up doggy crawl.

7. Kisses Trick. All you need is love. What more could cheer you up on a bad day then getting covered in kisses from your furry friend?

8. Bang Trick. Bang-bang, which can also be referred to as play dead, is a very fun and funny trick to teach your dog. It’s fairly simple and not very time-consuming to teach.

9. High Five or Fist Bump Trick. This is a step up from the shake command. High fiving and fist bumping a dog is much more fun than fist bumping and high fiving a human.

We hope your fluffy friend enjoys learning some of these uncommon tricks.