Heading to the shelter to get a new best friend is always fun and exciting, but house training your rescue dog can definitely be a pretty daunting task. Lucky for you and our friends at WikiHow, there are several steps to ensure your pup will be properly trained. Check out their full article here.

  1. Pick a regular potty spot. When you first start to train your rescue, you will need to take him outside to the same spot every time he goes to the potty. He will begin to associate this spot with using the restroom and make it all the more easier for you.
  2. Keep a consistent schedule. Perhaps one of the most important elements of house training is to stick to a schedule. When you are training him, you will need to get in the habit of trying to take him outside to use the bathroom around the same time every day, multiple times a day. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, once every couple of hours, and after eating and drinking.
  3. Look for suggestive body language. Monitor his behavior around the house to see if you can discern any hints that he needs to go out. If your dog starts to stand by the door, whimpers or becomes restless…these are all signs that he needs to go to the bathroom.
  4. Give your dog lots of praise. It’s just as important, if not more so, to praise your dog for good behavior as it is to punish them for bad behavior. Give your dog treats or bones for achieving the behavior you’re asking for, and most importantly show them plenty of affection when they deserve it. Who doesn’t love a good puppy hug?
  5. Take your time. Some dogs are fast learners, other dogs are slower learners. It’s ok either way. Be patient when training your dog, because each dog is different and responds to unique reinforcements. It’s important to work with your dog and understand every dog learns at their own specific pace.
  6. Deodorize accident spots. In order to prevent your dog from having accidents in the same spot, use a dog cleaner specifically made for pet soils. Clean the spot very well so your dog will not smell any leftover soils and get comfortable having accidents inside.

With these helpful tips, your rescue pup will be trained in no time. It’s important to love on these doggies and be extremely patient with them. Happy training!