Saltwater Poisoning Safety

It’s summertime! Going to the beach with your pup is a great way to spend your summer, especially when our whole state is surrounded by water and the temperatures rise. Make sure to load up on the sunscreen, water, and tennis balls to throw out in the water to your pooch. But most importantly, make sure your furry friend stays safe from saltwater poisoning.

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Many people are unfamiliar with ‘saltwater poisoning.’ But the reality is, it is very serious and can happen more easily than you might imagine.  If you decide to take your dogs to the ocean, make sure that they do not ingest too much saltwater. According to this article, “veterinarians across the country are warning pet owners after a Labrador died from saltwater poisoning near Tampa, Florida last week. The dog died from ingesting too much saltwater. Many pet owners are now more concerned about their pets at the beach.”

When dogs ingest too much saltwater, it can have various effects on their body. “It can cause a GI upset. It can cause vomiting, it can cause diarrhea. If they drink too much of the water it can change the chemistry in their brain and cause it to swell. That’s a life-threatening condition,” Dr. L’Heureux in the aforementioned article explained. Some dogs like the taste of saltwater; and owners probably didn’t think much of it up until now. These are symptoms to look out for, however, when you head to the beach.

This is a big wake-up call for owners to bring a water bowl and a bottle (or more) of fresh water for their fluffy friend. Limiting the time the pups spend in the water will also help when it comes to saltwater poisoning, so consider a blanket and shaded coverage for them, perhaps as an umbrella or tent, to give them a rest. Going to the beach on a cooler day will also help prevent saltwater poisoning.

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Enjoy your summer and your time with your pooch. Be mindful of the dangers of saltwater, but don’t let that get in the way of having a great day with your dog at the beach. Take cautionary measures, and soak up the sun.

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