If your furry friend loves the outdoors, keep on reading. We know picking out the right items can be tough, and you want the best for your pooch. Here are some helpful suggestions on the best dog gear to get; courtesy of Outside Online.



Filson Bridle Leather Collar ($65). This collar is unique and perfect for the outdoors for many reasons. The O-ring on the Bridle will flip if it snags on something to prevent from choking the dog. Not to mention your dog will be lookin’ right in their dark leather collar. You can purchase this collar here.



Astral BirdDog Life Jacket ($50). You may think your dog is a great swimmer; but when you take your dog to the lake or beach, you should definitely put a life jacket on them to ensure 100% safety. This lifejacket is unique because it has three clips. two underneath and one across the chest, so adjustments can easily be made. You can purchase this lifejacket here.




Weather Tech PetComfort Feeding System ($60+). These bowls are amazing because they can endure almost everything. Rain or shine, these bowls will stay intact. You can keep them inside or outside. This platform-based feeding system holds food and water bowls and ensures your pup’s neck won’t be strained. These bowls are also available in a range of different heights, so you can get the size that best suits your dog. You can purchase these bowls here.



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Turdlebag Poop-bag Carrier ($20). This is not your ordinary pooper scooper. This bag attached to a leash with a snap, and the roll top isolates odors until you have access to a trashcan. It holds lots of fresh bags and has room to store multiple bags of doggy business at once if your pet has to go #2 more than once during a walk. Check out these bags here.



We hope your outdoor junkie of a dog loves these hacks on ordinary gear as much as we do. Taking advantage of this great gear can make outdoorsy excursions with your pup even more fun!