Why Send Your Dog To Training?

As the kiddos go back to school soon, we are reminded that there are loads of reasons to enroll your dog in training to “bone up” on their skills as well.  Why should you look to a team and facility like the one at Ruffgers to help train your dog?

Grow your bond with your pup.
Learning and growing with one another can really help your relationship with your dog if he is anxious, aggressive, or too wild for his own good.  Plus it is wonderful to start them early to establish the chain of command and love for a young pup. Many people, while they try and have read a lot on the internet just don’t have the time, consistency and structure a class might have to really work well with your dog. Before you know it, Fido will be relaxed and responsive to your commands.

Dog training is key for enjoyable dog ownership.
Dog training is key for enjoyable dog ownership.

Socialization is essential.
If your dog is just a puppy or you have just recently rescued a new furry friend, training classes are a wonderful option to help socialize and comfortably control your new dog if they haven’t been trained before or they came from an unfortunate background. Meeting other happy and well-behaved pups can teach them how to behave in a playful and happy way and can save you a lot of trouble.

Manage your dog more easily.
Of course, managing your dog’s actions and reactions is the number one reason to come to training classes.  Everyone would love to have their furry friends around for cookouts or take them to the dog park, but that cannot happen if you can’t get them to respond to your commands or even get in the car without going wild. Dog ownership is much more fun when there are some necessary boundaries in place.

Safety for itself and others.
If you have an aggressive dog, it can be very hard to have them around anyone other than you or their immediate family. They may not even be able to go for walks or leave the yard. Whether it is preventing aggression against other dogs or people, or ensuring she responds when you call her back into the yard instead of chasing after a speeding car in traffic, your dog can benefit from this kind of training.

Hanging out with other local dog owners.
One of the most fun, but often forgotten benefits of dog training is meeting up with other dog owners that live close!  You can arrange doggie dates out and about or you can plan trips to the dog park together! Better yet, mark your calendars to come to our Yappy Hours at Momentum Brewing and have a cold one with your fluffy ones!

As you can see, there is a mountain of great reasons to get your pup into training classes here at Ruffgers.  Your dog may learn some manners with their new friends….and you can make some new friends too!  Hope to see you here soon!

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