Should You Board Your Dog?

How can you know what is best for your furry friend while you go away on a work trip or vacation?  If you don’t have a friend or family member close by but you must leave town on business (or a much-needed excursion), a boarding facility can be your only option.  What questions should you have for possible facilities, and what can you expect from your dog?

Can boarding be GOOD for dogs?
In some cases, yes.  If your dog is already in a doggie daycare you trust and enjoying himself without incident, boarding your pup can be a perfectly fine, and often times, enjoyable experience.  They can get more exercise and one-on-one time with trainers and other employees, or vie for more time with their furry friends in larger play yards than most people’s neighborhood yards.

Your furry friend can have a blast at boarding!
Your furry friend can have a blast at boarding!

Will my dog be sad when I leave?
Studies say no.  The fun, excitement, and play they get while you’re gone can tire them out, and of course, we’d like to think they miss you too, but there is no proof that a well-adjusted dog has any problem being boarded. When you do leave them at the boarder’s, say goodbye and leave calmly, however, as to not upset them.  They will be happy to meet some new friends and new smells.

How can I pick the right one?
Picking a boarder can be a tough decision.  Often times, if your daycare facility has a boarding area (like Ruffgers) you can trust them to know your dog and treat her well.  If its a new pet and you aren’t sure where to turn, ask friends, read reviews online and visit the facility yourself.  Ruffgers is always happy to host new friends. Ask plenty of questions about the exercise, treatment, feeding, and cleanliness of the boarding facility to ensure your pet comes home after your trip with new friends and no new diseases or injuries.

How do I prepare them to be boarded?
Make sure that you have listed any medical issues your pet has or any special food he needs for his stay. If she has idiosyncrasies (like being afraid of thunderstorms), let them know that as well. Start with an overnight or a weekend before you leave them there for a whole week if they have never been boarded before. And if the facility allows, send their favorite toy or blankie to stay with them in their sleep area.

Finding the best boarding facility can be stressful but with these tips, your process should be a little easier. If Ruffgers might be a good fit, let us know!  We are happy to answer any questions, walk you through a tour or have you meet our trainers!

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