How To Get Trained Working Dogs At An Affordable Price

People love an interesting story about a dog who didn’t quite make it through government or police training. Why? Because it means the dog decided he didn’t want to become a complete narc. Ha! This issue is much more common than people think. There’s plenty of dogs that aren’t cut out for the service life but are perfect for your family. These dogs still need homes today.

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Adopting Dogs From The TSA

According to Insider, there are lots of adoption agencies that have lots of dogs who never made it all the way through training school. There’s also an adoption service run by the TSA for doggies who did “not meet the TSA Canine Training Center criteria for government work.” The TSA has an application you have to fill out in order to adopt. The criterium is meeting a set of home requirements; they warn that dogs may be “highly active in most cases, untrained and not housebroken.” Insider also says one should turn to this program if they are interested in German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, and Belgian Malinois dogs, since these dogs are specifically tapped for this kind of training.

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This is not the only way to get a trained working dog at an affordable price. Some dogs have passed their training, finished their career, and now their watch has ended. Mission K9 Rescue looks for retired dogs and it says on their website, “Their work is finished.” They are only good as companions now (which sounds WONDERFUL to us), and they will definitely be one of the greatest companions you’ve ever had.

Adopting From Freedom Service Dogs Of America

Freedom Service Dogs of America attempts to make rescue dogs into service animals, and they only adopt those who can’t complete training. The same holds true for Service Dogs Inc. There are many reasons why dogs can’t get through their training, including being “easily distracted” or having physical issues, simply being ” too shy for the line of work.” These dogs are great for cuddles and don’t demand anything but lots of love. Sounds like the perfect type of dog to me! If you need additional training with your dog, contact us.