How To Teach A Dog To Stay.

One of the most difficult tricks for a dog to master is “stay.” This is a command that must be well-defined for your dog. Teaching your dog to stay comes in several stages. Although this command is hard to teach, it’s one of the most rewarding tricks you can teach your dog. If you’d prefer to enroll your dog in classes to learn this command, click here.

What to Avoid When Teaching Your Dog to Stay.

stay, teaching dog to stay

Do not give your stay command with food in your hand. This will distract your dog and lure him to follow you.

Do not lose your temper or get upset if your dog doesn’t pick up on the command right away. Every dog is different- each dog learns at his own pace. Patience is key.

Three D’s of Stay: Duration, Distance, and Distractions.

teaching dog to stay

Duration. The amount of time your dog remains in his ‘stay’ position can be referred to as duration. To start, call your dogs name and get him to come over to you. Give your stay command, without moving. Increase the time you ask your dog to stay by two or three seconds. If your dog breaks the stay, release him and ask him to stay for a shorter duration of time.

Distance. Moving away from your dog can be referred to as distance. It is very common that owners rush through this phase of the training. Teaching distance stays happen a half step at a time. Position your dog as you desire and give your dog the command to stay. Step back with one foot, then step back to your dog and release him. Continue stepping back, one step at a time. For each step that your dog continues to stay, keep stepping back.

Distractions. Distractions can be referred to as anything, big or small, that happens during your dog’s stay. It is very important to have a strong foundation with your stay duration and distance before adding additional distractions. Once your dog has mastered ‘stay,’ slowly add distractions. When adding distractions, start with something at home or in the backyard. Then, work your dog into different environments. When the distractions increase, the value of the treats you give your dog should increase as well.

We hope these tips helped with teaching your dog to stay. If you need additional help in the training process, do not hesitate to contact us here at Ruffger’s. We’d more than happy to help.