Holiday Traveling with Dogs

Holiday Traveling with Dogs

Now that Halloween is over and November is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday traveling with dogs. As you dog parents know, just going somewhere down the street is no easy feat. Traveling with dogs, or pets to further locations to visit families is a whole other ballgame. Have no fear! Here are some great tips we love for holiday traveling with dogs and how to make sure you and your pooch both travel comfortably.


Tips During Traveling.

-Puppies and senior dogs need a visit to the vet to be sure they are fit to travel.

-Bring your dog’s health records along. Could come in handy in an emergency.

-Get your dog acclimated to its crate or carrier months ahead of travel time.

– Brush up on your pet’s obedience skills

-If flying, book the flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as these are lighter travel days.

-Know your airline’s pet policy and don’t try to get around it. You may have to eat the price of your ticket when you are not allowed to board.

-Bring harness or crate to assure your dog is safe in the car. Use pet pads for accidents.

-Feed your pet lightly the day of travel and no sooner than 4 hours ahead of time. Keep them hydrated during the trip.

-Never leave them unattended, either in the car or at the airport.

-Leave early and take your time. When in the car, stop frequently for walks. When heading to the airport, get to the ticket counter early in case the check-in lines are long.

-If traveling internationally, know your destination country’s pet import rules.

– Bring supplies – leashes, treats, pick-up bags, medicines, dog or cat food.

-Contact a pet-friendly hotel should you need one and talk to them about their pet policies.

-Bring pet towels for easy cleanup.


Lodging with your Dog.

-Find out in advance which hotels or motels at your destination or on your route allow dogs. Many do not, or have size restrictions.

-If your dog is allowed to stay at a hotel, respect other guests, staff, and the property.

-Keep your dog as quiet as possible.

-Do not leave the dog unattended. Many dogs will bark or destroy property if left alone in a strange place.

-Ask the management where you should walk your dog, and pick up after him. Do not leave any mess behind.

– Remember that one bad experience with a dog guest may prompt the hotel management to refuse to allow any dogs. Be considerate of others and leave your room and the grounds in good condition.

-Puppy-proof the vacation home (or room). Before you let your dog have free run of his home away from home, make certain it’s safe for your dog to explore. Be sure that electrical cords are out of reach and that previous occupants didn’t leave anything on the floor or under furniture that could be potentially harmful to your dog.


Once you arrive at your destination, make sure to get your dog out of its crate and take it for a nice walk to stretch their legs then reward them for being a good boy/girl with a nice big meal. Make sure you even give them a little dessert as a treat. With the new and unfamiliar surroundings, do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time until they grow accustomed to the people, sights, and smells.

For those who need help with teaching their pets obedience; check out our YouTube channel or sign up for classes. If you need some suggestions on which class you should enroll your fluffy friend in, please contact us here at Ruffger’s.

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