Is Your Dog Bored While You’re at Work All Day?

Is Your Dog Bored While You’re at Work All Day?

Having even the slightest imagination of your dog bored in the house alone the whole day is terrible. It can make you uncomfortable in the workplace and is an unnecessary distraction to your day. However, the recourse is here. At Ruffgers Dog University, we’ll make sure your fluffy friend is never bored.

We offer dog daycare and dog boarding facility at your convenience. Our premier indoor facility is located on a 5,000 square-feet ground in Naples under fine breezing air space comfortable for your dog. At Ruffgers, we offer a keenly strategized well-balanced dog daycare and boarding arrangements are available 7 days a week. Our facility also permits appointments on Sundays.

Your dog needs more than the mere evening running sprees when you free. Your dog needs the Ruffgers environment. The environment is uniquely designed to make your dog feel ‘Home Away from Home.’ The exercise, training and the socialization at the facility exposes the dog more than you can ever imagine, reducing separation anxiety and ensuring that they won’t be bored. Our qualified and well-informed trainers are always at the watch of your dog. They train pets and in the course of training offer them plenty of time to play. When you bring your pet to Dog Daycare Naples, you should never be worried about food satisfaction. Your dog will be fed to its fill with varieties of safe foods such as raw bones, chicken back and necks, duck feet, lamb ears or goat milk. All these are highly nutritious and as such you should not worry about the dog’s physical health.

Classes and Training Services

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There are varieties of classes and services one can choose from- depending on the kind of training you want your dog to be exposed to. Training services in the facility involve crate games and round of walks with comfortable dog leashes. While these services are available, classes are also a must for your dog in case you want them trained on certain aspects. Classes range from basic puppy and dog obedience classes, private in-home training, as well as pet-sitting.

Obedience Classes: these classes include pet manners I and II and CGC Classes. Pet manners I and II teaches your dog basic obedience that makes your dog easier to tame. The classes include meet and greet, loose leash walking, responding when called, stay, heal position and much more. These are the basic manners your dog needs to learn. CGC Classes on the other hand basically prepares you to take Canine Good Citizen test.

Puppy Training: you need that cheeky and stubborn puppy trained. Perhaps nowhere better you can find good training than at the Ruffgers. The Naples dog boarding offers a special AKC S.T.A.R program that trains you and your puppy on the best nutrition practices, house training, as well as chewing and shedding of teeth. The six weeks training program also trains your puppy basic manners required of a dog.

Agility Classes: Agility classes include Foundation I, Foundation II, Intermediate Agility and Master & International Agility. These classes offer your dog more physical and sport-like training. The experts train the dogs on how to manoeuver obstacles and other sporting activities.

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Apart from normal training services and routine classes, we also offer other services for your dog. Your dog is bathed, brushed in a friendly way, and its nails kempt properly. Ruffgers puts more emphasis on the cleanliness of your pet, and that’s what makes them the number one Naples dog boarding facility. With strict emphasis on cleanliness, nutritious dog foods and friendly training capped with attractive air breeze grounds, Ruffgers provides the best for your dog. Keep your dog entertained and make sure they’re never bored by enrolling them in one of our classes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us here at Ruffger’s.

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