Teaching Your Dog to Stay

At Ruffgers Dog University we believe no dog is too old, or too young, to learn new tricks. In this video, we have a young puppy who we are teaching how to sit and stay without any commands! While we have a puppy here, this lesson can be taught to dogs of all ages. As always, we begin with your dog and a few treats!

Three D’s: Duration, Distance, and Distractions

Distance is how far from your dog you go. Distractions are anything that happens during your dog’s stay.

  1. Duration – The amount of time your dog remains in his stay is called duration. To begin, position your dog as you wish, in a sit, down, or stand. Give your stay command, without moving count to three, and then release your dog using his release word. Increase the time you ask your dog to stay by two to three second intervals. If your dog breaks his stay, just reset him and ask him to stay for a lesser time in which he was successful.
  2. Distance – Moving away from your dog is referred to as distance, and it is common for owners to rush this phase of training. Teaching distance stays happen literally a half step at a time. Position your dog as you wish and give your dog his stay command. Step back with one foot, lean back, then step back to your dog and release him. Next, take one full step back then return to your dog for the release and a reward. Continue slowly, adding only one step at a time. Remember, do not have food in the hand in which you give your dog the stay command. Also, return to your dog before you release him, and do not always call him out of a stay.
  3. Distractions – Distractions are anything, big or small, that happens during your dog’s stay. It is important to have a strong foundation with your release word, stay duration, and distance before you try and add distractions. Once distractions are to be added, start with something easy at home or in the back yard, and work your way up to more distractions in various environments. One good technique is to use higher value treat rewards when introducing and increasing distractions.

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If you have any trouble training your puppy or dog you can always bring them over to Ruffgers Dog University. At Ruffgers we offer a variety of classes from: Puppy Classes, Manners & Canine Good Citizen, Rally Classes, Trick Class, and what we call “Reactive Rover” for the dogs that need a little extra attention.

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