Easy DIY Dog Costumes You Can Make While In Quarantine

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Here are easy DIY costume ideas for your dog


Captain America

Perhaps one of the easiest on this list is this one. All you’ll need is a blue handkerchief or scarf. Fold your piece of cloth as you would to form a triangle, and then paint the Captain America logo directly on your available material. For a more accurate depiction, use a little saucer to trace over clean circles. Aside from your cloth, all you’ll need for this DIY costume are red, white, and blue paints.

Santa Clause

For this costume, you’ll need a little red shirt or a red sweater. Depending on how large your pup is, adjust your clothing piece to your dog’s body size. On the end of each sleeve, you can either use white paint to cover the edges of the shirt or sweater, or you can sew cotton balls to give it a more realistic Christmas look.
If you don’t have any red piece of clothing, you can also just attach a fake beard to your dog and let him or her wear a Santa cap! Unless you’re joining a contest, the only rule you should remember is to have fun, be resourceful, and make it work.

People will love your dog, regardless, anyway!

The Karen

This one is the most effortless costume on the list, for sure. If you’re big on memes, then you’re most definitely familiar with the let-me-speak-to-the-manager look. This vibe is often accompanied with short hair and a scarf, so unless you have a pixie cut wig, a scarf should do just fine.

Wrap a silky scarf around your little barking machine and win the internet over with a clever caption. Know that when you check out dog Instagram accounts, a large reason why these kinds of posts click with so many people is because of how catchy the text is. Play around with your captions and have fun with your dog. If you’re in the mood for a little acting yourself, go make a TikTok video with your furry Karen.


You don’t have to be the biggest DC fan to dress your little muffin up as Superman. If you have a small sleeveless blue shirt, that should suffice. Depending on how large your dog is, cut the length of your blue sleeveless shirt and make sure it fits your dog just fine. On the front of the shirt, you can either paint the Superman logo yourself or look for the logo online and print it. The next thing you should do is to look for a red piece of cloth and cut out a cape to finish the costume. Sew it on the back neck section of the shirt, and voila! You have, in your very midst, a superhero!

Be as playful as you want to be and make use of whatever is available in your household when drafting and coming up with creative costumes. Above all, make sure what you whip out for your fur baby isn’t inconvenient in the short time that they wear it.

Still looking for other things you can do with your dog? You can check out the many dog training videos we have here at Ruffger.

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