The past few months have been extremely difficult for many of us. We’ve all been basically forced to stay home and make do with whatever our space has to offer. This struggle is, of course, not only felt by humans. Our fur babies—who are biologically born to live an active lifestyle—are forced to live a sedentary life, too.

This does not mean, though, that this inactive way of life should be the “new normal” for our furry pals. Remember that even with minimal space, your fur babies can still live an active and busy life. 

Consider the following tricks and techniques to keep your dogs busy while in quarantine.

brown long coated small dog on white textileGive ’em toys

Any busy fur parent who has to take care of a dog or two can attest to toys’ effectiveness. With toys, our four-pawed friends get to entertain themselves. They can dedicate their energy to a single toy for an entire day. 

To keep them engaged, you can choose to plan which toy to give at certain times and days of the week. Don’t give too many of them in one go. An important reminder is to ensure that the toys you buy interest your dog. If they like to bite, give them something to chew on. 

Home grooming session

Give your dogs regular grooming sessions. Dedicate a day to pamper your canine bestie. Building a routine does not only help your four-pawed babies look and smell fantastic, but it also helps you keep sane during these stressful days. 

Don’t make grooming sessions feel like a task. Think of them as a way to spend more time with your dog. 

You need not learn professional and complex skills of grooming. There are hundreds of video tutorials online that can help you do woman in white long sleeve shirt carrying brown and white short coated dogthe task. Spending a few hours of grooming each week will help keep both you and your dogs busy. 

Cuddles and Snuggles

Aside from making an effort to keep your fur babies active, you can also keep them busy by cuddling and snuggling. When taking a break from an exhausting online meeting or resting your back from hours of sitting down, take a break with your dog. Do this several times a day, and you’re bound to keep them from feeling neglected, if not bored. Our pals are social beings. On days you don’t have anywhere to go, your attention and company should suffice. 

Play Hide-and-Seek

long-coated white and brown puppyYou can teach your dogs the classic hide and seek game. Because this is a high-energy activity, it will surely keep both of you busy for a substantial period. What’s more, this game isn’t only beneficial to our barking kids. It’s also a good cardio workout for people like us who may have been forced to reduce in-person human contact for months now. 

If your day is filled with work deadlines, you can hide treats in several house locations and allow your fur babies to find them. Put the treats in accessible spots then gradually make the game more challenging by putting them in more hidden areas.

Overall, what matters is you stick around and make sure your dog feels seen and attended to. There’s nothing worse than a dog human being who’s stuck at home but isn’t actively attentive to their fur baby. Talk to them, dance with them, video record song duets with them. 

Be creative! There’s a universe of things you can do with your dog.

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