How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell And Other Pet Odors

a small dog sniffing a black rug

We know how much you love your four-legged friend. They’re your best buddy and a furry family member. They sit with you on the couch, follow you to the kitchen, and even sneak into bed with you. (You promised yourself that was never going to be allowed – but we won’t tell anyone). 

The problem with that is that your house can easily start to smell just like your pooch. As much as you love them, you’d rather everything didn’t smell of them. Even if you don’t notice it much anymore, there’s a good chance that things might need a freshen up.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get rid of dog smell in your home.

Regular Bath Times
This one probably won’t make you very popular. It will often depend on the breed of dog you have as to how often they should be bathed. It’s important not to wash them too regularly and risk stripping them of their natural oils and scent.

If you notice that your pooch is getting a bit stinky, or they’ve been swimming in the puddles on a walk, a bath every now and again will help to get them smelling fresh once again. If your pup isn’t keen on bath time, there are some things you can do to help them to enjoy their bath.

Wash Your Dog’s Bed
Our dogs spend a lot of time lounging in their beds. They don’t just sleep there, though. They take their toys in there to play with and they eat their treats there. What does that mean for the smell? Well, when you mix together saliva, with hair, dirt, and bits of food – it’s not going to be a (dog) bed of roses.If your dog’s bed is washable, put it through the washing machine once a week to keep it fresh. If it’s not washable, try and give it a spruce up and a vacuum as often as you can. If it’s beyond fixing, it might be time to invest in a new one.

Sweep & Mop Regularly
Dogs are always leaving a trail of hair behind them everywhere they go. They’re also constantly bringing in dirt from outside and leaving bits of food here and there. Unfortunately, all of these things can add to the overall bad smell.

If you have hard floors throughout your home, regular sweeping can help to keep the debris under control. Once you’ve swept, mopping the surfaces will help to pick up anything you might have missed. The detergent you use on the floor will also help to improve the overall smell.

Vacuum Your Carpets (A Lot)
Carpets can cause nightmares for dog owners. When potty training, no doubt your pup will have had accidents. While you think you’ve cleaned it up, the truth is that the smell can still linger. They also trap the dust and hairs and no matter how much you clean it can feel like you never get rid of it. Regular vacuuming can help to keep this under control. Vacuuming should also extend to your rugs, furniture, and curtains. It’s amazing where pet hair can end up!

Using a pet vacuum is also a good idea, as they are specially designed to help dog owners keep their carpets as fresh and clean as possible.

Top tip: if you’re tried vacuuming and it just simply isn’t cutting it, you might want to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner. This deep clean will really help to remove those deep dog odors in the fibers.

Wash All Of Your Linens
If your dog likes to join you in bed for a cuddle, you’ll want to give everything a regular wash. This stretches further than your bed linen. It really involves anything your pup can get its paws on. From blankets to cushions, and the covers on the couch; they can all benefit from a spin in the washing machine and will smell amazing as a result.

Goodbye Dog Smell!
When you have a dog, you accept that your house may never be immaculately clean. The love and happiness you get from having them make it worthwhile. There are, however, so many easy things you can do to help you eradicate the dog smell from your home.

These are just a few examples of steps you can take to help you control the smell of dog in your home.

Don’t forget to open up all the doors and windows while you clean to get in as much fresh air as possible!

If you have any more tips of things that have worked for you, or would like any more ideas, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!