Best Christmas Gifts
For Your Pups and any Dog Lovers in Your Life

a small brown dog looking at the camera surrounded by christmas gifts

It’s never too early to begin Christmas gift shopping. 

Getting gifts for your four-legged friends and your friends who love pups should be fun, and we’re here to help you start your search!

Gifts For Your Favorite Pup

Whether you put up a stocking for your dog or you wrap their presents to go under the tree, they’ll bark with joy when they see one of these gifts.

Furbo Dog Camera

Okay, this is kind of a gift for you and your dog. The Furbo Dog Camera can toss treats to your pup and has an HD camera that lets you watch them try to catch them out of the air. The auto-dispenser connects to WiFi, and you can tell Alexa to give your dog a treat.

An Interactive Puzzle Toy

A black and white dog playing with an Interactive Puzzle Toy

Puzzle toys are a great way to entertain your dog and keep them busy while you’re participating in other holiday activities. All you have to do is fill up the toy with their favorite treats and let them get to work.

A Hide-and-Seek Toy

Hide-and-seek toys are like having multiple toys in one. Your pup will have so much fun digging for the smaller toys inside the big toy, and it’ll keep them occupied for a while. We absolutely love this little box of reindeer squeaky toys.

A Donut Bed


If Fido’s bed is worn out, upgrading them to a donut bed is a great Christmas gift. Donut beds are amazing because they’re soft, fuzzy, and can reduce your dog’s anxiety. If you have an incredibly hyper dog, a donut bed can help them calm down after a long day of chasing their tail.

A Customized Bandana

Customized Dog Bandana

Your pup probably already has a collar, so you can get them one of these adorable and festive bandanas. You can have their name stitched onto the bandana, then spend the rest of your day taking glamour shots of your perfect pooch.

A Barkbox Subscription

A Barkbox Subscription - Christmas Gifts for Dogs

If you want to keep the fun going all year long, your Christmas gift to your dog can be a subscription to Barkbox. You’ll get monthly toys and treats tailored to the things your pup loves. 

A Doggie Spa Day

At Ruffgers, we offer multiple daycare packages so your dog can get pampered. Your dog can come to play with other pups, get a belly full of treats, learn some new tricks, and get groomed all in one session. Book your dog’s vacation at one of our three locations.

Gifts For Dog Lovers

When you have a (human) friend who either loves dogs or has a furbaby of their own, you can’t go wrong with getting them one of these presents this season.

Paw Print Ink Pad

Paw Print Ink Pad

These ink pads can help dog owners create a beautiful keepsake. Once they have their pup’s pawprint, they can frame it or turn it into an ornament. (You may want to get them two, just in case their dog has a hard time holding still.)

Dog Face Pillow

Dog Face Pillow - The perfect Chridtmas Gift for dog lovers

Whether your friend has a dog of their own or not, they’ll love these fun pillows. You can choose between four breeds, and these hook-sewn cushions will look great on their bed, sofa, or chair.

Custom Pet Portrait

A Custom Pet Portrait of a brown and white small dog

If your friend is obsessed with their furbaby, you can commission a custom pet portrait that they can hand in a place of honor in the house. All you have to do is send the artist a picture of your friend’s dog, and they’ll do the rest!

Canines of New York

Canines of New York Frame for Dogs

This coffee table book is a great conversation starter and will keep a smile on your friend’s face. Heather Weston, a Brooklyn-based photographer, compiled this book as a “visual celebration of the vibrant dog community of New York City.”

Custom Paw Print Ring

Custom Paw Print Ring

If your friend is going through their first holiday season without their furry best friend, you can get them this gorgeous ring to remember their pup that went over the rainbow bridge. You can pick your finish, then send the designer a picture of the dog’s paw print, and they’ll send you this stunning piece of jewelry your friend will cherish forever.

We guarantee that no matter what you get your pup or your dog-lovin’ friend, they’ll be ecstatic. After all, it’s the thought that counts.