5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog

Dogs are wonderful companions, and we love them dearly. But even the most well-behaved, lovable of our four-legged friends will sometimes need a little care and attention to live a happy, healthy life.


As a dog owner, you are responsible for caring for your pet. Many owners do not realize the potential amount of work involved with owning a dog. Your dog will need various things ranging from grooming to dog training to exercise to toys to food.


At Ruffgers, we incorporate different aspects of dog care into our doggy daycare and dog boarding service. Here are five tips that will help you take care of your dog:

1) Food.

It would be best if you started feeding your dog in early puppyhood. A puppy’s first meal should consist of high-quality, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate foods such as raw meat, hard-boiled eggs, and specially designed puppy food.


Once your dog reaches breeding age, you need to feed him regularly. It is best to feed your dog twice a day, but the number of times per day may vary depending on the size and weight of your dog.


2) Grooming.

You will need to brush and comb your dog regularly. Many people overlook brushing and combing, but this has significant health benefits for your dog. You will increase blood circulation on your dog’s skin, remove dead hair before it falls off, and reduce the amount of shedding in your home.


Plenty of dogs owners overlook the importance of dog grooming and fail to take regular care of their pets. Neglecting your dog’s grooming will lead to unnecessary vet bills and health problems. The consequences are hairballs, unsightly, itchy coats, and painful mats all over your dog’s body.


Our dog daycare and dog boarding service use the most advanced products so that your dog has beautiful, healthy fur.

3) Exercise.

Dog owners must ensure their dog is feeling good, happy, and healthy. You can do this by finding ways to exercise your dog’s body. Exercise will help your dog stay fit, build muscle, lose weight and have a healthy life.


Regular exercise will also help lower your dog’s stress and anxiety levels.


At Ruffgers, we provide a wide range of exercise programs for dogs, depending on the age and size of your dog. Our dog daycare and boarding service uses play, exercise, and grooming to keep your dog fit, happy and healthy.

4) Training.

Dog training is one of the most important aspects of dog ownership. You need to train your dog from an early age so that you can teach them to behave in appropriate ways. Without proper training, your dog will grow up to be aggressive, disobedient, and challenging to manage.


Training helps you in many ways. It builds your bond with your dog and allows you to spend quality time together. Training also improves your dog’s health and mental well-being.


Ruffgers, your pet’s first and only canine daycare, and dog boarding service, serve an entire range of dog training services. We have dog trainers who understand how to convey important training messages in various languages.

5) Toys and Rewards.

Your dog will need different toys, from dog chew toys to squeaky ones. Your job as a pet owner is to provide your dog with various toys, so they stay entertained.

It will help if you reward your dog for all his good behavior. This will encourage your pet to work hard and achieve his goals.

Rewarding your dog can be as easy as a pat on the head and some words of praise or a delicious treat. It would help to reward your dog for all good behavior, such as sitting or lying down when asked to


Taking care of your dog is not an easy task by any means. But the rewards of doing so will far outweigh all the work and effort you put in. When your dog is healthy, happy, and full of life, you will have much more fun with them.

In addition, this will prevent a lot of heartaches and vet bills. Therefore, if you want your dog to live a healthy, happy life, you must give him the proper care he deserves.


Ruffgers is here to help you take care of your dog. We provide everything dogs could need for a happy and healthy life: daycare and training. But did you know that we also offer dog boarding? We provide the highest levels of dog care around Naples, Bonita Springs, and Stuart in Florida.


Our daycare and doggy boarding service offers plenty of play time for dogs, which will tire your pet for a good night’s sleep. Our experts will take care of the grooming while they enjoy their own time with your dog. They’ll also ensure that your dog gets enough exercise and play so that your pet is never bored.


Therefore, if you are looking for dog boarding near me or doggy daycare near me, look no further than Ruffgers and contact them immediately.


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