Let’s make sure your furry friend has a happy holiday.

Pet parents can add a little extra fun to their holiday celebrations this year. Including your pets is easier than you think and brings a whole new level of revelry to the season.


All you need is a little imagination and a very helpful list. We’ve got one of the two for you right here. Let’s make sure your furry friend has a happy holiday.

Play Dates

You like to get together with friends during the holidays, and so will your dog. Try hosting a little holiday party for your pet and their best buddy. Treats, toys, and playtime will put everyone in a festive mood.


When your activities aren’t pet-friendly, treat your dog to a day at doggy daycare. Find dog boarding near you and ask about a special day for your pet. They’ll have plenty of fun with the other guests.


This may also be a good time to schedule puppy training or other classes with a dog trainer. Whether you want to improve obedience or other skills, dog training is a great way to spend special time with your pet during the holiday season.


Good dog training will also help your pet handle the unexpected sights and sounds of the holidays. Pets who learn to relax and behave at parties and other gatherings are a joy.

Dog daycare, boarding, and training all help your pup get the attention they need during this busy time of year. As a bonus, they’ll be ready to relax for your next holiday activity.

Snuggle Up

What better way to take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle than with a movie? Gather your favorite blankets and your pet’s comfort toys and settle in for a quiet evening of snuggles.


Choose a pet-centered movie if you like, but don’t feel limited. Your dog or cat will enjoy the time with you no matter what’s on the screen. This is a great activity when your dog is tired from a day of playtime or when they haven’t had as much time with you as usual.


A seasonal movie with a furry friend is the perfect way to end a busy day during the holidays. Keep your air-popped popcorn plain and you can share a few pieces with your dog.

Special Treats

Is cookie baking on your holiday to-do list? This year, add a few new recipes. You can make goodies for both dogs and cats with easy-to-find ingredients.


If you love to bake, check out some recipes for freshly baked treats like these from Living on a Dime. Their recipes use pet-friendly ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.


If you’re not a baker, don’t worry. You have lots of options. Try a single-ingredient treat like a frozen banana or some sweet potato. Get a new brand or flavor when you buy treats before the holidays.


If you’re feeling fancy, hit the dog bakery and pick up something for your gourmet canine!

See the Sights

Include your pets in your outdoor holiday traditions. Bring your dog to see the holiday lights, find the perfect Christmas tree, or take a winter hike. They love bonding time and exercise.


For your adventurous pup, find a new location to explore. They’ll love new sights and smells, and you’ll make a precious holiday memory. Treat your dog to a scent training class for an extra level of fun in new places.


While you’re out, take your dog for a visit with Santa. They’ll enjoy the experience and you’ll get some adorable keepsake photos.


Cats like to join the holiday fun, too. If your cat likes to ride in the car, see those holiday lights on a drive. For really adventurous kitties, consider a cat backpack and hit the hiking trail.


Of course, your pets love presents. We all love presents! This year, hang pet-safe stockings filled with treats and toys.


This is a great time for a new bed, a festive collar or harness, or even a jaunty holiday hat.


Maybe this is the year for a new coat or sweater for your winter walks. Does your cat need a scratching post or a new cat tree? Receiving special presents keeps your pets entertained and makes them part of the celebration.


Pet presents for humans include ornaments with your pet’s picture or paw print.

Pet-Perfect Holidays

You can help your pets enjoy the holidays. The best present you can get for your pet, and yourself, is great dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog training. A well-trained canine companion adapts to the schedule changes and activities the season brings.

Florida pet parents will find premier facilities at our Bonita Springs, Stuart, and Naples locations.

Including your pets in your holidays is fun. Their unconditional love is a balm during this busy season. Celebrate their special role in your family with shared festivities and a few new traditions.

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