10 Fascinating Reasons People Like Dogs

Humans have a long association with dogs. They just fit into our lives like no other animal ever has. A new puppy or an older rescue soon becomes one of the family. We can’t imagine life without them.

What is it about dogs that makes us love them so much? Here are 10 reasons why people like dogs.

1. Dogs Are Great Company

You are never really alone when you have a dog. They live beside us and enrich our lives in so many ways. A dog will lay quietly beside you while you read or work. It will follow you as you do household chores and work in the yard. It will even follow you to the bathroom!

Road trip? Your dog will be right there, in the seat beside you. There’s nothing that a dog likes better than to be a part of everything you do.

2. A Dog Will Keep Your Secrets

You can tell a dog anything. They will commiserate with you over your bad boss, your flat tire, and your broken heart. They don’t judge, and they won’t tell.


They will kiss your tears away and stay by your side for as long as you need them to. There’s no limit to the number of secrets your dog will keep.

3. A Dog Helps You Meet People

Walking a dog makes you more approachable! There’s nothing like a well-trained and friendly dog to attract attention. No matter if you are hoping to meet new friends or a potential romantic partner, your dog can help make the introductions easier.


Before taking your pup out in public, both you and your dog will benefit from the services of a professional dog trainer. If you are looking for dog training in Florida, Ruffgers Dog University has facilities in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Stuart.

4. Dogs Are Reliable Judges of Character

Sometimes your dog just won’t take to someone. It might be because that person just isn’t fond of dogs. But it could be that your dog picks up on some character flaw that you don’t want to introduce into your life.


It pays to be cautious around someone that your dog doesn’t like. New acquaintances need to pass the “dog test” before being invited into your circle.

5. Dogs Keep You Safe

Have you ever been startled by a loud noise or by a stranger lurking around your neighborhood? Dogs are always alert to danger. They will alert you, too.


Just knowing that you have a dog will discourage a lot of mischief-makers. Even those who do mean harm are hesitant to face a protective dog. It doesn’t even have to be a big dog. Small dogs can be ferocious when their people are threatened.

6. A Dog Is The Perfect Fashion Accessory

OK, this might be facetious, but when you love a dog, you are going to have dog hair all over your clothes and furniture. It’s a fact of life, so you may as well get used to it early on.


You might choose your wardrobe to match your dog’s hair. Or you could go with something complementary. Either way, be prepared for seasonal shedding and keep the broom handy.

7. A Dog Is The Best Excercise Partner

Not only do dogs need to be walked regularly, they also offer the opportunity to take up more active sports. If walking is fun for you, hiking or trail running might be the thing to try.


Other dog-friendly activities that will get your heart rate up are ball fetching, frisbee catching, livestock handling, hunting, and obedience trials. Your dog may be of a breed that excels at one or more of these things. Or you might choose something unexpected. Dogs often do the unexpected and will love any activity that they can do with you.

8. Dogs Help You Stay Healthy

It’s not just your physical health that will improve when you have a dog. It’s good for your mental health, too. It’s hard to be down or depressed when you have a dog. They understand your mood and will do their best to cheer you up.


Just getting outside to walk your dog will give you a healthy dose of nature. Fresh air, exercise, and sunshine are all mood-enhancing benefits of owning a dog.

9. Dogs Teach You to Take Responsibility

As a dog owner, you will be responsible for the care and feeding of your pet. Training, exercise, and veterinary care – it’s all on you. Do it right, and your pet will be with you for many years.


Being a responsible pet owner gives you experience and skills that will come in handy in all areas of your life. Employers and love interests all want someone who can accept responsibility and deliver the goods. A healthy and happy dog is proof that you are reliable.

10. Dogs Choose To Love Us Back

Probably the best reason that people like dogs is that dogs like us back!

Dogs could get along without us, but they choose to love us and stay with us. Even when we don’t deserve them, dogs choose us.


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