Aschley’s passion for dogs began at the young age of thirteen, when her family brought Blackerry “Bear,” a Border Collie, into the family.

Early on she noticed the extreme potential her new friend possessed and asked her parents to allow her to enroll Bear into an agility class.

She began training Bear at Oakview Veterinary Clinic in Plover, Wisconsin. Aschley’s curiosity in competition agility was heightened when she attended a local trial, where she met Cindy Brick, a nationally recognized dog agility trainer. She was invited to begin her tutelage under Cindy.

She trained and competed over a decade with Bear, earning a MACH, along with other accolades. Bear inspired Aschley to follow her passion and encourage the potential in dogs throughout her life.

In 2009, Aschley moved to Florida to attend graduate school. She quickly learned she needed to pursue her passion and love for dogs, and moved to Naples, Florida, where she began training service dogs and running the agility program for a local trainer.

As the program grew, so did Aschley’s passion and reputation in the dog community. In late 2012, Aschley ventured out on her own to realize her dream of developing a premier indoor dog training facility. After extensive renovations and preparations, Ruffgers Dog University was born.

Aschley has successfully operated Ruffgers Dog University, Naples premier indoor dog training facility for three years, growing her clientele base and making a substantial imprint on the canine community. She currently competes with her two dogs, Addison, a mix and Skyy, a Border Collie at the local and national level. She has had the opportunity to vie for the national title in the USDAA competitions last year, and has qualified to stake her claim to the title in 2015 as well.

Training dogs requires patience, empathy and an enormous heart, all of which is evident in her training style, technique and demeanor when interacting with her furry companions. At the age of twenty-eight, it is fair to say Aschley is a “must watch” over the next years as a prominent figure in the agility and dog training arena.