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Labor Day: 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate With Your Best Dog Friend

Labor Day: 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate With Your Best Dog Friend

For many of us, Labor Day is the last real summer hurrah. So of course we want to celebrate it with our family members, including the furry ones! With fall closing in and cold weather on the horizon, many people choose to venture into the great outdoors.

But what about our four-legged friends? While cats might be less on the adventurous side- or maybe yours is up for some excitement? Dogs are almost always up for anything. Why not bring your canine friend along for the three-day-weekend fun? Better yet, why not schedule a doggy vacation that you and your pup can enjoy together? If you’re not sure where to get started, here are five ways to celebrate Labor Day with your best friend.

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1. Go on a Hike With Your Dog

Since this one is probably the easiest and least expensive thing to do with your dog, you’re sure to get some bang for your buck. Many trails will permit dogs–though it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure beforehand–and hiking gives you both the chance for some exercise. Dogs will also love a hike as it gives them a chance to exercise the old sniffer in the process. They’ll take in the smells while you take in the sights! It’s a win-win for you both!

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2. Start an Instagram for Your Dog

If both you and your pooch are a little more of the homebody sort, start a dog-stagram account. Take pictures of your dog doing all sorts of funny things, or even just normal dog things. It will get you involved in a really awesome social media community, and if you link your Instagram to your Twitter or Facebook account, you’ll get to enjoy some canine love two-fold. It may also inspire you to get creative with your photoshoots, like dressing your dog up or putting flower crowns on. I advise using thornless, safe flowers, obviously!

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3. Go Camping With Your Dog

Like hiking, camping is a wonderful outdoor activity for you and your dog, as well as some friends! This is a great way to socialize and catch up with friends and family, and it’s even better when there are more dogs for your pup to socialize with, too! Camping also paves the way for numerous other outdoor adventures like outside games, the aforementioned hiking, some fireside cooking, and more! Just make sure both you and your dog are equipped against the elements. Things like insects and poisonous plants can cut the fun short very quickly in the event an emergency vet visit is needed.

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4. Have a Spa Weekend Together

Do you know the best part about a doggy spa day? You can do it at home or go out, especially since Labor Day weekend will undoubtedly be loaded with specials and sales to get you to leave your house. There are plenty of dog spas out there to pamper your pup and a few where you and your canine friend can go together. While this leans toward the more expensive options for Labor Day activities, you’ll at least leave relaxed and ready to face the long stretch of workdays that face you until Thanksgiving.

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5. Try New Things

With three days available to you, now might be a great time to try new activities with your dog. Any of the above are great ideas, but perhaps you’ve always wanted to try baking dog treats. Or maybe you want to try making your own dog toys, or enroll in dog training classes, or try some dog agility sports.

The sky is the limit, and you may just end up finding a new hobby you and your dog love by trying new things. Remember, at the end of the day, your dog really just wants to spend time with you. So when it comes to just about anything you try, they’ll likely be on board if they can join their favorite person–you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here at Ruffger’s.

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