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Residence Hall

Ruffgers Dog Boarding – Residence Hall

Ruffgers offers a luxury campus housing division for your dog daycare and dog boarding needs! Our 18,000 square foot dog facility is one-of-a-kind. It features a 5,000 square foot dog training area (Ruffgers Dog University), as well as indoor and outdoor play areas. We pride ourselves with having staff who are well-educated, experienced trainers, who come from a variety of different backgrounds in the animal industry, including professional trainers, pet sitters, and veterinarian-related jobs. The Residence Hall has a unique home-like layout, creating a comfortable, non-kennel space for your four-footed friend. Our facility is always staffed, even overnight, to ensure your dogs comfort and safety while you are away!

We provide three different accommodations for your furry family member.

Residence Hall Den

Your dog has its own area with their bed, chews and anything else you wish to bring with them. This is great for dogs who prefer to be alone, or less active. They will enjoy plenty of play time, but will retreat to their own space after play time is over.

Residence Hall Den Suite

We have 4 themed rooms within our Residence Hall. Library, Garden, Frat and Quad. The Garden and Library and built to accommodate small to medium sized dogs and the Quad and Frat are for larger and more active dogs. Our professional staff takes the time to evaluate your dog prior to a stay with us to ensure they are placed in a space with other dogs that they will have a howling good time with. These spaces feature a common area where they can play throughout the day with their friends, but they will also enjoy a private area where they are fed and sleep at night. The common areas have couches, rugs and lots of toys to make them feel right at home.

Residence Hall Suite

Larger area that is suited for large breeds or a family of dogs. These spaces are our largest, and are typically booked for very large dogs, or families who want multiple dogs to share the same area.

Dog Boarding Assessment

All new students must come in for an assessment at no charge for about an hour and a half to ensure they are placed in a space that will be just like home while you are away. While we are assessing the unique needs of your pup, you can tour our facility, shop our retail area (some great treats & foods available), or enjoy a cup of coffee in our lobby. Dog parents are also free to leave during the assessment.

For more information, or to book your dog please contact your nearest campus.