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Most dogs know the basics…sit, stay, come. And training dogs can be difficult, but as long as both you and your furry friend are focused, things will go pretty smoothly and can be a lot of fun! Here are some uncommon tricks that majority of dogs do not know how to do. With our tips […]

Who likes sitting at home all day and night? Not me. Who likes leaving their dog at home all day and night while they go run errands? Not. Me.¬†We have good news for you. Here are 4 places in Florida that are dog-friendly! 1. Brookside Paddle Sports,¬†Naples. Residents and visitors can spend some time outdoors […]

Everybody enjoys a nice spa day, right? When life gets ruff, we all like a nice day dedicated strictly to relaxation, champagne and pampering. But very rarely do we take the time to think about our fluffy friends. Unfortunately, they can’t express to us when they are in need of something. I guarantee you after […]

Who said popsicles can only be enjoyed by humans? We have found some amazing recipes for dog-friendly popsicles, or should I say pup-sicles? These pupsicle recipes are fast, easy, and your furry friend will be sure to enjoy them. Whole-fruit Pupsicles. Begin by mixing 4 cups of water, 1 cup of chopped fresh fruit, and […]

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