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teaching a dog impulse control

Teaching Your Dog Impulse Control. We all know dogs who need help with impulse control. Dogs jump on people, push people out of their way to get through doors, rush their way in and out of the car or the crate and up and down the stairs. Dogs can be impulsive and pushy. The smaller […]

How To Teach A Dog To Stay. One of the most difficult tricks for a dog to master is “stay.” This is a command that must be well-defined for your dog. Teaching your dog to stay┬ácomes in several stages. Although this command is hard to teach, it’s one of the most rewarding tricks you can […]

The Benefits of Crate Training. Crate training has been known as one of the least stressful ways to mold good behaviors into dogs. Some dog owners view crates as cruel and unfair, but this is not the case. Most dogs actually enjoy being in their crate, it gives them a sense of coziness. A crate […]

dog playing hide & seek

Training Tips- Hide & Seek. Picture this. You’re stuck inside on a stormy, chilly day and your dog is running around the house, full of energy and unable to go on his daily walk. What to do to burn off that excess energy? A good old-fashioned game of hide & seek. Not only is this […]

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