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dogs toenails

How to Properly Trim Your Dogs Toenails. Trimming your dogs toenails is a much harder task than people would expect. You have to be very precise, and guard your dog from sudden movements that could cause you to execute the cut incorrectly. Before we go into details, lets break down what a dogs toenail consists […]

Top 3 Dog Popsicle Recipes. Everyone loves indulging in a cold popsicle on a hot day—even your dog! That being said, a lot of human treats, like… -Dairy-based ice cream -Sugar-laden popsicles -Artificially flavored slushies …aren’t a healthy or safe option for your pup. Not to mention, if your dog is obese, those fat and sugar-filled […]

Border Collie catching a frisbee

Fourth of July with your Fluffy Friend. With cookouts, fireworks, and an extra day off, we get to spend quality time with those we love. Show your pup some love by celebrating with them as well. If your dog is a homebody, you can still spend some quality time with them at home. If your […]

Summertime activities for your dog The sun is up and temperatures are starting to warm up across the country, outside is the perfect place to be with your dog. If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you feel bad about keeping your furry friend inside during long days at work. Now that it’s summertime, you probably […]

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